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It is the combination of success, integration and prevention work that makes boxing training by coach Rachid El Bakri something special. In his gym in Wiesbaden, he not only forms top athletes and promotes young talents, but also creates strong personalities.


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When an unknown pandemic strikes the world, eight-year old Adam, who lives in a refugee shelter with his mother, is quarantined. He still secretly sneaks out of his room and finds the disastrous impact of fear that has overcome the place; he experiences a journey of growth.

Ein Kleiner Schnitt

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The uptight Jewish finance director of a lavish Baroque court unexpectedly finds himself forced to convince his hot-headed young ruler to get a circumcision. He meets the temperamental ducal couple for an uncomfortable cup of tea, desperate to circumvent a genitalia-induced national crisis.

Made for Hoomans

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We are on set of the new OATLY advertising campaign, in which three animals – a squirrel, a mayfly and a pony – should advertise for the milk alternative. A true stroke of genius of the ad department… if there wasn’t one problem: the animals make it impossible to work with them on set.

Spec spot, client: OATLY

Watch the spots:

This Will Be My Last Cigarette

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A privileged millennial struggles to be a good member of society. Greta Thunberg is watching and so is an old white man, commenting on her every move. A matter of life and death!

For the Record

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The Premiere Championship is a sports event in which a team of filmmakers gather to create a movie. Every single athlete is specialized in a specific aspect of the production – all will excel at their discipline, so that their sweaty efforts may contribute to the final product.

Available for streaming on

Orchestral music played by Filmorchester Babelsberg.

Von Schrauben und Vögeln

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Helen and her brother Henri take revenge on the renowned wind-up bird collector Viktoria who stole their magical family heirloom. Oh yes – and all of them have a screw in their backs.

Available for streaming on

Music composed by Jonas Vogler and played by:

Lukas Wögler Quartet
Lukas Wögler – Tenor Saxophone
Moritz Langmaier – Piano
Erik Biscalchin – Bass
David Giesel – Drums

Forever Young

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The 25-year-old Fine who has Down’s syndrome and her father Heinrich (76) set off by car for Italy. During stopovers at her mother’s grave and at a picnic site, Heinrich’s age-related problems become more and more apparent, which he cleverly covers up with humour. But he has to realise that he can no longer be the sole carer for his now grown-up daughter.

Music played by Slovak Sinfonietta Zilina.

Germany Represent – jung, weiblich, politisch

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Our image of German politics: old, dusty, male. Our parliaments: far away from an equal political representation of the German population. But this didn’t stop Nyke, Audrey, and Lilli. They’ve become politicians to change the system and to give the young generation a political voice.


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Pornfluencer – the new influencers nobody mentions but everybody knows of. Jamie Young and Nico Nice aka Youngcouple9598“ aka Andreea and Nico made a fortune as “Verified Couple” on porn websites. Now they live their dream under palm trees in the tax haven state of Cyprus. But how does it look off the stage?

Joscha Bongards Documentary starts off as a sex-positive portrait and turns into a multilayered exploration of love, shame, influence, and success.

In cinemas from July 14th 2022.

Buy the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on Bandcamp. Stream it on Spotify.